The Balanced Healthy Habits Life Challenge

This is a competition to motivate participants to live a healthier lifestyle. It is open to anyone age 14 or older who sincerely wants to establish habits that promote overall wellness. This is a TEAM challenge. It is important if you sign up for this challenge you are a team player and will do all you can to help your team.

This will be an 6-week challenge – Beginning May 15th 2017

Each participant will pay $16 upfront to do the challenge. $6 will be for running the challenge and the rest will be split amongst the winners.

You will pick your own team of 4 to 8 people! Be careful when choosing your team. Choose people who will be motivated and  committed to challenging themselves for 6 weeks. If you are unable to assemble a team on your own, but would still like to participate, you can still register.  Write a note in the comment box explaining that you do not have a team, but would like to participate and we’ll put you on one.  Every member on your team will need to register.

You will need a scale, a tape measure and internet access.

WEEKLY POINTS–Each Monday you will report your weekly points in seven categories totaling 170 possible points.

1. Exercise: You can earn up to 35 points each week for exercise. You earn 7 points for doing 30 minutes of exercise up to 5 days per week. If you do more than 30 minutes of exercise or more than 5 days per week, WAY TO GO! You get a cyber high 5 from us, but you do not get any additional points, and you can’t carry the points or minutes over to future days or weeks of exercise. 7 points x 5 days = 35 points possible each week

2. Sweets: You can earn up to 30 points each week for not eating sweets. Each day that you eat no sweets, you get 5 points up to 6 days per week. Each day that you eat one serving of a sweet, you get 2 points. If you eat two or more servings of sweets in a day, you get 0 points. What constitutes a sweet? Brownies, cookies, cake, ice cream, candy, donuts, or anything sweet that’s preventing you from being healthy. HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE THAT EACH WEEK YOU GET ONE “SWEETS DAY” THAT DOES NOT COUNT AGAINST YOUR POINTS!  Use your free day wisely. If you don’t use your sweets day, you do not get any additional points. 5 points x 6 days = 30 points possible each week

3. Fruits/Vegetables: Each day that you eat at least 5 servings of fruits or vegetables, you can earn up to 5 points. You earn 5 points if 3 or more of those 5 servings are vegetables, and 3 points if you only have 1 or 2 servings of vegetables.   According to www.myplate.gov, 1 cup of raw or cooked fruits/vegetables or 100% juice, or 2 cups of raw leafy greens can be considered as 1 serving. 1/2 cup of dried fruits is also a serving. 5 points x 7 days = 35 points possible each week

4. Water: Each day that you drink at least 64 ounces of water, you get 2 points. 2 points x 7 days = 14 points possible each week

5. Sleep.: Each day that you sleep at least 6 hours., you get 2 points. 2 points x 7 days = 14 points possible each week

6. Team: Each day that you are in contact with a team member by any method (email, phone, blog, text, voice mail, telegram, Facebook, U.S. Postal Service, etc.) you get 1 point. 1 point x 7 days = 7 points possible each week.

7.  Weekly Challenge:  There will be a weekly challenge.  These weekly challenges are a way to stretch yourself even further to reach a balanced healthy life.  They will be worth 35 points.  They will range from something that you do daily to something you do once during that week.

This challenge is for EVERYONE trying to be healthy, not just those trying to lose weight. The plan you choose to be on for this challenge (Weight-loss, Maintenance, or Pregnancy) will determine how you calculate these points. It can get confusing. The excel sheet will do all the figuring for you. Please do your initial and weekly weigh-ins at approximately the same time and under the same circumstances each week (empty/full stomach, before/after exercise, etc.)

Weight loss Plan:
If you are trying to lose weight, you will choose the “Weight Loss Plan.” Each week when you weigh yourself if you are at or below your previous lowest weight you get 5 maintenance points plus, for each weight loss percentage point you earn 10 points (2% = 20 points). For each tenth of a percentage you earn 1 point (.4% = 4 points). (If you lost 1%, you would get 5 points for maintaining plus 10 points for that percent, so you would report 15 points. If you lost 2.1%, you get 21 points plus 5 maintenance points, so you would report 26 weight points.)

If you gained weight, you will report 0 points every week until you drop below your lowest previous weight.

If you maintained your previous lowest weight, you report just the 5 maintenance points.

Weight Maintenance Plan:
If you are happy with the weight you are at and are not trying to lose more, you will choose the maintenance plan. At the beginning of the challenge you will decide what weight you wanted to maintain throughout the challenge. For each week that you are within 3 pounds of that weight, you get 15 points. For example, if your goal is 140, then you would keep your weight between 137 and 143.  You report 0 points only if you go over 3 pounds of your maintenance weight.

Because your goal for this challenge was not to lose weight, if you earned your 15 weight points for 6 out of the 8 weeks you will also earn 50 points on week 8.

Pregnancy Plan:
If you are pregnant, you will choose the pregnancy plan. Please don’t worry about the scale.  You will earn 15 weight points by getting at least 153 weekly points (90%).

Because your goal for this challenge was not to lose weight, if you earned your 15 weight points for 3 of the first 4 weeks, you’ll earn 25 points.  If you earn your 15 weight points 6 out of the 8 weeks you will earn 75 points for weight loss percentage points.

Calculating Inches Points
At the start of the competition and again at the end of weeks 4 and 8, you will measure your right bicep, chest, waist, hips and right thigh. For each 1/2 inch you have lost, you will get 5 points. It is important when you are measuring that you measure in the same spot. To help give you a visual of where to measure I have attached this photo.

NOTE:  You may switch plans one time during the challenge.  For example, if you start out doing the Weight Loss Plan and you reach your goal weight, you can switch to the Maintenance Plan for the duration of the challenge.

You will report your points each Monday via an Excel Google Docs Spreadsheet. The link to get to the spreadsheet will be sent to you before the challenge begins. Points must be reported by 10 p.m. MST on Monday night.  Fifteen points will be deducted from your team’s total for each person who reports late. If your points are not reported when we post the points on Wednesday morning, your points from that week will not count at all.

An average of each teams’ weekly points will be calculated in order to declare a weekly winner.  We will not be posting the points each team reported, just the team rankings for that week. Weekly results are not cumulative from previous weeks.  At the very end of the competition grand totals will be posted along with the teams and the overall winner.

We want to add here that the way to win this competition is not by being on the team that loses the most weight. It is to get your ENTIRE team to commit to getting perfect or almost perfect weekly points. One team member not giving his or her very best can lead to the whole team losing because of that person’s low points. Should a teammate wish to withdraw, please notify us to avoid a ‘0’ point value being added to the team’s average score. Failure to report points for two weeks will result in a automatic withdrawal. Also, we ask that everyone please be honest in your point reporting. Your integrity is not worth a few points, and your health will reflect your commitment to living the rules of this competition.

Obviously, everyone wins when you replace bad habits with good ones. But, at the end of the competition, we will award money to:

1. The person who gets the highest weekly point total

2. The person with the highest percentage of weight loss

3. Each member of the team with the highest point grand total

In the occasion that there is a tie among participants who earn perfect points, in order to only have ONE winner per competition and to keep it possible for anyone on any track to win, the following policy applies.  In the last few weeks of the competition we will post a Tie Breaker Bonus that is far more challenging.  These points will NOT count toward the team total, only toward the individual prize.  If there is still a tie after the tie breaker challenge, the prize money will be split among the winners.

Should there be a tie among the weight loss % winners and/or inches lost winners, then the winner with the highest individual points will take the prize.

If you want to participate, please register using the registration tab at the top of this blog and send your money to us right away. We are not limiting the number of participants, so get your friends and family involved.

We will need the following information from you for registration:

1. Your first and last name

2. The email address you want to use throughout this competition

3. Your PayPal email

4. Which weight plan you are doing

5. The names of all your teammates!

**If for any reason you drop out of the challenge before the final date you will forfeit your entry fee.**


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