Week 4 Results


Hey Challengers!  Sorry for the delay in posting Week 4 Results.  I (Lindsay) told Macy I would take care of this points and posting this week.  Between packing up kids for a trip to the grandparents, watching over a sick husband, and long, stressful hours at work, the week got away from me.  Here are the results of all your hard work during Week 4:

Perfect Points:

Team Results:

1st Place Power Rangers

2nd Place Powder Puff Girls

3rd Place Ninja Turtles

Team results are figured by taking the average points of each team.  These are weekly results, not cumulative results.

Macy and I have talked and we want to extend our deepest apologies for the horrible way we’ve been running this challenge.  We are both overwhelmed with what is going on in our lives right now, and thought adding a challenge wouldn’t be a problem, since we’ve run several.  We were wrong, and you all have suffered for it!  One of the challengers pointed out something curious about the team standings and we looked into it.  We found that we mixed of the points of the teams in first and second place.  We are so SORRY!  We have decided that if you all would like to discontinue the challenge we will refund the money to those who have been participating the last couple of weeks.  If you would like a refund, please email us at balancedhealthyhabits@gmail.com and put REFUND in the subject line.  Again, please accept our apology!  We took on more than we could handle.