The Challenge Begins

Welcome to our six week challenge! You will be getting your team email and personal spreadsheets by tonight. So let’s talk about this week’s challenge. 

According to Webster’s Dictionary a goal is “the result or achievement toward which effort is directed”.

A goal is not something you are just going to think about doing, it’s something you are going to put forth effort to achieve. It’s not always easy.  As you go through this challenge you will have temptations.  There will be holidays, birthdays, trips, parties, days you’ll be too tired to workout, and so many others.  Those temptations will only derail you if you take your eyes off your goal that you want to achieve.

The challenge for this week is to SET GOALS! In order to get all 35 points you need to do all of the following things:

  • Decide your ONE big goal for this challenge and make it realistic. We aren’t here to drop ten pounds a week or instantly stop those crazy sugar cravings. It’s going to be slow and it’s going to take work. Here’s the twist: under that big focus we want you to list six reasons why this goal, this challenge, the reason you are doing this is so important to do! I know at least for me, I can set a goal and then two weeks later forget all the reasons and motivation of why I set that goal. This list is here to remind you why we’re doing this when it gets tough! We can do this for six weeks. As long as we remind ourselves why.
  • Decide on a non-food reward for yourself when you accomplish your written goal, like a new shirt, or shoes, or a manicure. Lindsay’s favorite reward is to go get a massage! Macy likes getting a new dress or a piece of nice furniture.
  • Report your goal and at least two reasons why this is important to you to a member of your team.
  • Take a “Before” picture. Sometimes it’s hard to see the results until you look back and see that picture. No one else has to see these pictures, unless you want them to, so don’t worry about that.

Do those four things and you will earn all your 35 points.

There will be days when you wonder why you signed up for this challenge, especially toward the end, but we promise if you work hard (and refer back to those reasons we are having you list) you will see awesome results and more importantly, you will feel like the awesome person you are!

Here’s Macy’s example:
Macy’s One Big Goal: Decrease my sugar intake and get a handle on those darn cravings.


1. To help with my chronic headaches
2. Stop the inflammation happening in my body
3. Slim down so I can fit in my dresses that I only bought last year!
4. To have better energy and focus throughout the day
5. Stop my crazy weight fluctuation
6. To feel a bit more in control of my self and my eating habits



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